What is Restumping?


Restumping, (also known as reblocking), is the replacement of rotten and defective stumps
which cause structural damage to your home.

It may entail the re-leveling of floor areas and could also involve the replacement of
sub-floor timbers and floor boards.

Eastern Restumping and Underpinning offers a premium service
to you to ensure your building is safe and structurally sound!

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What do we do?
Restumping is separated into 6 stages.
Stage 1: Preparation and Jacking
Stage 2: Dig Holes
Stage 3: Level House
Stage 4: Building Inspection
Stage 5: Attach stumps and set in concrete
Stage 6: Backfill and clean up
When to Restump?
Doors jam, walls crack or unlevel floors
Restumping is also imperative prior to renovations including:
• House extensions and re-roofing
• Kitchen or Bathroom renovations
• Re-flooring or polishing
• Painting