What is Underpinning?


Underpinning is the restrengthening of the footings under brick walls by deepening the
foundations to stronger and/or more stable founding material.

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We use solid concrete as this ensures a permanent solution for your home or structure.

Eastern Restumping and Underpinning offers a premium service
to you to ensure your building is safe and structurally sound!

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UnderpinningMicro PilingScrew PilingResin/Foam Injection
-Engineer Designed
-Loads Vertical
-Solid Concrete
-Large Bearing Area
-Most Reliable method
-Engineer Designed
-Solid Concrete
-Quicker to install
-Engineer Designed
-Greater depth achievable
-Suitable for wet or extremely unstable conditions
-Never used.
-Seen as a band-aid solution to underpinning.
-It does little to connect the foundation to deeper more stable and stronger soils
-Useful for void filling