What is Restumping?


Restumping Melbourne

Restumping, (also known as reblocking), is the replacement of rotten and defective stumps which cause structural damage to your home. It may entail the re-levelling of floor areas and could also involve the replacement of sub-floor timbers and floor boards.

Eastern Restumping and Underpinning offers a premium service
to you to ensure your building is safe and structurally sound!With over 30 years of direct and hands-on experience bringing stability back to homes throughout Melbourne you can trust our passionate and professional experts to restore your quality of life with our house restumping solutions.

Combining our experience and training the team at Eastern Restumping & Underpinning can deliver outstanding and low-cost restumping for houses throughout Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. Using steel stumps that thrive in high-stress environments

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What do we do?

The restumping conducted by Eastern Restumping & Underpinning is separated into 6 integral stages:

Stage 1: Preparation and Jacking
Stage 2: Dig Holes
Stage 3: Level House
Stage 4: Building Inspection
Stage 5: Attach stumps and set in concrete
Stage 6: Backfill and clean up

When to Reblock

House Reblocking

Have you been experiencing jamming doors, cracked walls, or uneven floors? Issues such as these are generally the first sign that your home is experiencing structural or foundation instability. Detailed and personalised to the particular requirements of the property our team can complete long-lasting and durable house reblocking throughout Melbourne’s expansive Eastern Suburbs.

Along with general home upkeep and maintenance, restumping is also imperative prior to renovations and restorations including::

• House extensions and re-roofing
• Kitchen or Bathroom renovations
• Re-flooring or polishing
• Painting

House Levelling Contractors

Keep your home from getting that sinking feeling thanks to the team at Eastern Restumping & Underpinning. Whether caused by unstable or shifting soil, or the natural settling of your home, a property may begin to list or sink in a particular direction, causing long-term damage and overall instability. Possessing the ability to improve your foundations, our house levelling contractors help bring Melbourne homes back to balance and an even ground.

Committed to improving the condition and quality of your home, Eastern Restumping & Underpinning are the team you can trust for cost-effective and hassle-free foundation repair and corrections. To discover more about how you can benefit from our exceptional solutions call our helpful and friendly experts on 0422 700 918